House Vacancy – District 57

As announced by the media and email last night, Delegate Doug Skaff has resigned from his seat in the House of Delegates. Pursuant to W.Va. Code ยง3-10-5 – Vacancies in the State Legislature are filled by the Governor from a list of 3 names provided by the Party Executive Committee. The Kanawha County Democratic Committee will submit 3 names to the Governor. 1 of those will be appointed. State code allows for 15 days to complete this process. The Monthly Regular Meeting of the KCDEC is Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 6:00pm. The discussion for this vacancy has been added to the agenda.

If you are a Democrat and you are interested in serving in the House of Delegates, and you live in District 57, please complete the application form at the link below to have your name considered for the “List of 3”. Application Deadline is Noon, Monday 9/11/2023.